Monday, November 12, 2012

Days 7 thru 11: Thankfulness

Day 7: Today I am thankful for the democratic process.  Gods plan has put me in the United States during a time where women can vote.   It is something that I shouldn't take for granted.  Not that many years ago, women wore clothing that covered them from head to toe.  Not because they liked it, it was because they had no say.  Faces were hidden behind lace veils because their voices where never meant to be heard.  Once the right to vote came about in the 1920's, women's lives changed for the better.  I am blessed to live in a country where we elect our officials.  Whether or not everyone that I voted for becomes elected, I am still thankful for the process and God's hand in it.

Day 8:  The things we take for granted, like a place to call home.  We moved into our home in August of this year.  This place has changed so much in 4 months!  We'd been renting and moving for the past couple years.  It's been a struggle in so many ways, especially emotionally.  Now, God has blessed us with a home that is large enough to have family and friends over.  Yes, we moved into home that was stuck in the 1970's.  :)  But, we have been slowly taking out the old and making it ours.  Each time I pull into the driveway, I am thankful.  I don't take it for granted like I once did.
 Day 9:  I am still thankful for my parents and the love they have given me.  As an adult, I realized that they did the best they could.  I stopped looking at them from a little girl looking up at her parents.  I looked at them from one parent to another.  I realized they are not perfect, but then neither am I.  With God's help, I was able to forgive.  I was blessed to have two more years with my Dad after his cancer diagnosis.  The doctor's only gave him 6 months, but God have him two years!  Those were years filled with healing for us.  I miss him and look forward to seeing him healthy once again in Heaven.  And, He lets me know that he's still around once in a while even from the other side.  What a blessing!  My mom is my rock.  She is there to help or to just listen.  She knows my moods by the tone of my voice or the look in my eyes.  She always looks out for us.  I am a very blessed person and thankful for my parents.
My parent's at Chuck-E-Cheese during a birthday party

Day 10: doggie.  I always thought a Cocker Spaniel would be a great family pet and he is.  Teddy is wonderful.  He is always there ready to tell you how much he's missed you during the day.  He is great with the kids and other's that come into our home.  He is not a barker, unless there's a thunderstorm.  :)  Teddy's big enough to take on walks.  I've thought about getting another dog to keep him company, but I just think Teddy would always be my favorite so that wouldn't be fair.  I am thankful to puppy lovin' on a hard day!
 Our sweet little guy, Teddy
Day 11:  I am thankful for G.G.  My Grandpa passed away when six or seven.  My Grandma passed away when I was an early teenager.  Then, when I got married, I had a Grandma again!  She always loved and accepted me.  I knew how important she was from the start and make sure that my kids have a relationship with her.  She loves to play games and cook for her family.  Even when she was 80, she played Frisbee with the kids!  The time that we've spent with her through the years has been such a blessing for my family and myself.  Grandma is a very special lady and I love her dearly.
Sweet G.G. with Luke, Joey, and Faith

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