Monday, November 26, 2012

Days 24 thru 27: Thankfulness

Day 24:  I am thankful for little get aways that break up the work we've been doing on the house!  We got to escape to Branson on Friday and Saturday.  Yes, that's Black Friday.  Yes, I did a little shopping. :)  But, even for a little shopping, I still had to cruise the parking lots just for some one to leave and pull out so I could get a spot!  Shopping is NOT my favorite thing.  So many times I questioned myself on why we are here again! But, we got a room at the Grand Country Inn.  Which to those of you not around here ~ they have indoor water slides for the kids.  Kids loved it.  They played all Friday afternoon while my mom and I ran around the stores.  It was great to just get away for a couple days.

Day 25:  Today I am thankful this beautiful weather we're having.  This fall I was unable to get out and enjoy it as usual.  We've been so busy with the kitchen that the fall leaves came and went without one hike.  :(  But, it's the end of November and we are still in the mid 50's.  Fall weather is lasting a little longer this year.  It is my favorite time of year! So, even with the leaves on the ground, I am loving it!

Day 26:  I am thankful for our Pastor and his family.  Their love for not only the things of Christ, but the purpose of church is a blessing.  They don't want to do the same old, just because it's comfortable.  They want to help us to grow in our walk with Christ.  And, they love our kids.  (just as we love theirs!) My children are able to know them as people with a sense of humor with ups and downs.  They have been such a blessing to not only my life, but many.

Day 27:  I am thankful for the word of God.  It's amazing that a document that is so old, still has a bearing on the world today.  It is after all, the LIVING word.  God still speaks through His word.  He provides comfort and hope through His word.  God also convicts through His word.  I do love to read Christian books and bible studies, but nothing is the same as reading His word.  To read the examples of other men and women who have chosen to follow Christ.  As well as, those who have chosen to deny Christ.  The Bible is still relevant today.

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