Monday, February 11, 2013

Time Saver Menu Board Idea

This weekend, I finally finished my menu board.  I know that doesn't sound very excited reading that but let me share with you how really cool it is!! :)  I found the idea on Pinterest.  The link to here for the original.  This is what mine turned out like:

Let me kind of explain what you are looking at.  On the left are clothespins with Monday through Sunday on them.  On the right side are my card holders with weeks 1-2 and weeks 3-4 on them.  My husband gets paid every two weeks, so that is why I separated the month that way. (that is when I go grocery shopping)

The first thing I had to do was to figure out a month's worth of menus.  I, personally, try not to repeat my menus for the month.  That may sound a bit intimidating.  Just break it down into small steps.  For example, for my own family I try to have an Italian dish once a week.  We also have an Asian menu and Mexican once a week.  I have soup once a week as well.  So, looking at a month's worth, I need four different soups, Asian dishes, Mexican dishes, and Italian dishes; as well as throwing in some American ones as well.

Needs some suggestions?  For our Mexican dishes, I have taco salads, enchiladas, Mexican chicken, and tacos.  One for each week of the month.   Soups?  I have potato soup, chicken and dumplings, taco soup, and chili or beef stew.  I also have fish twice a month.  (once during weeks 1-2 and once at the end of the month)  My side items change that go along with the fish, so it becomes a different meal.   Twice a month, we also have brunch for dinner.  One week it will be eggs, bacon, and french toast.  The next time, it will be eggs, sausage, and pancakes or waffles.   I also laminated a few blank cards for new recipes that I may want to try. I also have a card in each color that say's, "Holiday Menu."  Because I know my plans change for the holidays and I want my board to be flexible like that! :)

Once I got the menu figure out, I got out my recipes out and wrote down all of the ingredients for the menus.  I wrote those down on some of same colored paper as my cards.  For example,  on weeks 3-4, I need eight pounds of ground turkey.  That might sound like a lot, but that is for two weeks worth.  I put a hole in the corner of my ingredient lists, connected them, and hung them under my menu board.  So, when it is time to go to the grocery store, I have my base list.  Then I only have to add the other things like paper towels, TP, and oil.

I am really excited about the time I'll be saving trying to figure out what to cook.  As well as cutting down my trips to the grocery store.  With a family of five, I need to cut back where I can.  Hope this inspires you to make your own board. Let me know what you think!! :)

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Christy said...

Great idea! Looks nice and colorful on the wall too.