Friday, December 7, 2012

The Glory of Christmas

Today, when you take look around there are lights.  Lovely, elaborate lights that twinkle with the tune of Christmas songs.  There is of course shiny garland or that fancy tulle that is all the rage right now.  Shiny ornaments shine in the lights.  Beautiful wrapped presents longing to be opened.

Long ago, the only light was a star guiding the way.  There was not any shiny, sparkling garland.  Not even room in a hotel.  Just a manger where the animals where kept.  Yet, even with the simplest of things:  Glory was found!  A babe was born.   And even wrapped in rags, His glory could not be contained.  Angels spread the news.  Wise men traveled long distances.
It is amazing to me how the world today can get it so wrong.  It changes from the celebration of Christ's birth to "Season Greetings."   It has changed from a day of remembrance and thankfulness, to a month of spending lots and lots of money.  Did you know the average people are spending for this Christmas is $854??  I don't know about you, but that's a lot to shovel out in a month.  No wonder so many credit cards are max-ed out.  I believe we should learn what the Grinch has learned.  "Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store.  Maybe Christmas means a little bit more."
Where is the God in your Christmas plans?  God came to us as a babe.  As a servant humbling Himself.  As a Savior to die for us.  Because He loved us and wanted more for us.  The best gift we can be given happened a long time ago.  Once we accept His gift, God's love and glory shines through us.  We are God's pride and joy.  We are God's glory.  Let US SHINE with His love!  At Christmas and throughout the year.

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